Eating is a natural, instinctive act. When we speak of “healthy food,” many tend to think of organic food. However, organic food can often be unaffordable for the typical Mauritian household. It was in this context that Panagora vowed to make organic products accessible and launched “Down to Earth” in 2018. The brand offers organic products adapted to the Mauritian culture, and reasonably priced in relation to the local cost of living. 

    Panagora offers healthy products that extend beyond the organic range: vegetables grown in accordance with sustainable agriculture practices, meat with no antibiotics or added hormones, seafood obtained through sustainable fishing, canned food with no preservatives or additives, including some Mauritian staples like rice and pulses that are major sources of protein.


    But leading a healthy lifestyle also means eating a variety of products from different food groups and alternating how often each one is consumed. Panagora allows you to do just that by offering an array of products that helps you fulfill your nutritional needs.


    While consumers are certainly concerned with the quality of products they consume, today’s fast-paced world has left us with little to no time to prepare balanced meals.

    Panagora has been analysing the food distribution market since 1974 and has therefore gained a deep understanding of what Mauritians expect. Over the years, it has introduced innovations that meet the specific needs of the population. For instance, it offers a range of creative meals through brands like Régal and Hao Chi, or pre-prepared meals like McCain fries and Bonduelle vegetables, the world leader in sustainable agriculture.


    These products are both a quick and healthy option. Yet another essential element of convenience eating is the price factor. The organisation offers these high quality products at affordable prices for Mauritian households.


    With Panagora’s range of frozen, pre-prepared and affordable foods, eating healthy has never been easier


    Mauritians choose to have a responsible lifestyle. Beyond health concerns that drive them to purchase healthy products, they are very aware of the ecological challenges facing our country. In the spirit of sustainable consumption, many opt for Mauritian food brands.


    Consuming locally produced food products reduces the need for logistics services, resulting in a much lower carbon footprint compared to imported products.


    The local shopping trend is also driven by consumers’ need for more information on how and where food is produced. And consuming Mauritian products makes food traceability easier. By focusing on all things local as part of its strategy, Panagora is also promoting local talents, encouraging the growth of the local economy and supporting a stable and regulated industry that generates employment.


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